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Support of foreign patent registration will be centralized

Support of foreign patent registration will be centralized

Support of foreign invention registration will be carried out only through one of the centers of the Vice-Presidency so that we could witness the centralization of activities in this region.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, only one center will support patent registration in foreign offices from now on. This act has been performed to facilitate the availability of support and provide services by one center in a centralized manner. Before that, patent registration in foreign offices would be supported by establishing a working group.

However, from this point onwards, knowledge-based companies and scientific centers can refer to the patent association of the Vice-Presidency to receive support regarding patent registration in valid foreign offices.

90% Support of International Patent Registration

According to this report, patent registration has been initiated since 2005 as an intellectual property unit of the nanotechnology development headquarter. In 2014 and with the agreement of the Vice-Presidency, the mentioned center was appointed the responsibilities regarding affairs related to intellectual properties, especially patent registration, in all science and technology fields in the form of the “patent association of Iran”. Improving the science and technology ranking of Iran, supporting intellectual properties of technologies or innovative companies, producing wealth from intellectual property and creating the market for inventions and earning incomes, guiding research centers and companies, moving toward registerable innovations in domestic and foreign markets and developing specialized human resources in this area are among the goals of this center.

Patent registration in valid patent systems of the world (e.g., USPTO and EPO) will be supported by the center by 90%. Presenting technical and specialized counseling in the area of writing a standard draft for the invention, promoting and publishing concepts and issues related to intellectual properties rights, increasing the knowledge of the public audience, empowering experts of intellectual properties offices of universities and higher education centers of the country, holding educational seminars and workshops on intellectual properties in universities and knowledge-based companies and creating a database of registered patents and technologies are some other services of this center.

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