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News > Supplying the need of power industry is accelerated by knowledge-based production

During the Visit of a Knowledge-based Company in Yazd by the Vice President for Science and Technology Affairs;

Supplying the need of power industry is accelerated by knowledge-based production

Supplying the need of power industry is accelerated by knowledge-based production

Semi-heavy bearings are produced by a domestic knowledge-based company using the method of centrifugal force. This Iranian knowledge-based product will completely supply the need of the relevant industry by the infrastructural support.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, the vice president for science and technology affairs learned about the latest achievements of this knowledge-based company on May 14th, 2019.

Safat Energy Co. of Yazd is the first knowledge-based company that has successfully produced semi-heavy bearings with this technology.

These products are manufactured based on modern international standards and with the cooperation of knowledge team encompassing the water and electricity organization of Khuzestan, Mahab Qods Co. and the academic team.

Writing on Stone Is Possible

During the trip to Yazd Province, Sattari visited a domestic knowledge-based company that has established a production line of stone papers.

Pishgaman San’ate Sabz have been able to produce stone papers in the Middle East for the first time. Stone papers are completely recyclable and there is no need to cut threes to produce papers.

Manufacturing of Agricultural Machinery with Domestic Ability

Sattari also visited Barchinkar Co. that produces agricultural machineries.

For the first time, the products of this company have been manufactured in Iran and in accordance with international standards and technical regulations of Iran, creating occupations and added value in addition to meeting the needs of the agriculture industry of the country to machineries.

Another knowledge-based company of Yazd that introduced its products to Sattari was Shoka Iranian Co., which has completely localized BCF and CF production lines by the ability to produce laboratory equipment.

Bulky filament thread is the best substitute for acrylic or woolen threads in the industry of floor production (carpets and moquette).

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