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News > The number of knowledge-based products in the field of stem cells has increased

The number of knowledge-based products in the field of stem cells has increased

The number of knowledge-based products in the field of stem cells has increased

Today, more than 80 knowledge-based companies are active in the field of stem cells, entrance of products of which to the society has increased hope in patients.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, the activities of the youth in knowledge-based companies has shown that merely having an idea or innovation is enough to be successful. In this regard, improvements occurred when we decided to maintain our Iranian products and belongings. We have realized that our real assets are the thoughts of our youth. Today, we have been guided toward the right path. We have found the real treasure, which does not require oil dependence. Therefore, the word “knowledge-based” has been highlighted. In this respect, knowledge-based companies have been formed based on science and knowledge, and this process has been accelerated this year, compared to last year.

Yes, increased number of knowledge-based companies in the past few years has had a considerable growth and these companies increase in number every year. Accordingly, the stem cells area is no exception.  

Knowledge-based Products, the Hope of Thousands of Patients for Treatment

According to Amir Ali Hamidieh, secretary of stem cells sciences and technologies development headquarter, while a small number of companies were active in this field a few years ago, there are currently more than 80 knowledge-based companies in the stem cells field. Therefore, we have witnessed increased entrance of products and achievements of these companies into the society and the market.

In the stem cells field, knowledge-based products have a high importance. With an Iranian brand, these products have increased the hope of thousands of patients for treatment. In fact, knowledge-based products have paved a new way for citizens and have provided a new type of innovation in life every day. As such, evolution has emerged by the entrance and growth of knowledge-based companies. Young businesses that are worth billions are on the stock board, which demonstrates the correct path we are taking that will end in production.

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