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By the Deputy for International Affairs and Technological Exchange;

The book of Science and Technology in Iran: A Brief Review was published

The book of Science and Technology in Iran: A Brief Review was published

Deputy for international affairs and technological exchange aimed to publish the book of Science and Technology in Iran: A Brief Review considering its mission in the field of international cooperation in science and technology with the aim of introducing some of the capabilities of technology with the approach of developing technology diplomacy.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, in recent years, we have witnessed a dramatic rise in Iran in many areas of technology. The activities of more than 4,000 companies in the field of science and technology support, as well as technological development headquarters, are seedlings that have become more promising and fruitful.

The introduction of some of these capacities and achievements will not only provide the appropriate picture of the country"s scientific, technological and innovation environment, but will also create the basis for the development of scientific and technological relations with foreign activists in these fields, and will lay the foundation for economy of resistance in a macro area.

Presenting the Technological Capabilities of Iran in the Field of International Science and Technology Cooperation

To this end, the deputy for international affairs and technological exchange has compiled and published the book of “Science and Technology in Iran: A Brief Review” in 180 pages based on its mission and goals for introducing a part of intellectual abilities with the approach of diplomatic development of technology.

In this book, various scientific areas are covered, including nanotechnology, biotechnology, stem cells technology, cognitive sciences, medical plants and traditional medicine, information and communication technology, cultural and creative industries, aerospace, air and aviation technology, marine industries, water technologies, erosion, drought and environment, oil and gas technology, and renewable energies.

Moreover, topics such as policies and strategies, domestic capacities and abilities, such as human resources, scientific productions, achievements and products, custodians and areas of interest for international cooperation are presented in the book. Furthermore, information on the general status of science and technology, the major players of the field and macro national science, technology, and innovation policies of Iran are also presented in the book.

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