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The Accelerator in Marine Biotechnology Field Will Be Formed

The Accelerator in Marine Biotechnology Field Will Be Formed

One of the goals of the biotechnology development headquarter after the formation of the marine biotechnology working group is establishing and developing accelerators in this area.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, the biotechnology development headquarter has established the marine biotechnology working group and followed up the development paths in this large industry with the goal of developing marine biotechnology in the country and improving their manufactured products.

Marine biotechnology is a suitable choice for developing the economy of countries with this God-given blessing. This area can contribute to the economic improvement of countries. The sea is one of the proper foundations for scientific research performance. However, not all capacities of this area have been exploited to this day. This vast blue foundation is filled with recognized and unrecognized alive creatures, each alone can play a role in development of marine biotechnology.

Wealth Creation by Marine Biotechnology

Proper exploitation of these marine reserves is one of the most important priorities of the countries near seas and oceans. In line with realizing this important goal, the biotechnology development headquarter aimed to established the marine biotechnology working group, which has taken various measures to develop marine biotechnology. In this regard, one of the most important actions is supporting production plans in the field of marine biotechnology, which lead to the production of cosmetic products.

Given the fact that cosmetics products are highly used in Iran and marine products have great potential for being used in these goods, the support in this area can result in the minimization of complications of using these products and the formation of accelerators and flourishing of businesses of new companies in this area.

Marine biotechnology is one of the wealth-creating and entrepreneurial fields, where we can expect to benefit from God-given blessings to establish new businesses if the beneficiary organizations work with each other and present implementable projects in this field.

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