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In the Presence of the Iranian National Science Foundation;

Global Research Council Summit was held in the presence of Iran

Global Research Council Summit was held in the presence of Iran

In 2019, the Global Research Council Summit was held, attended by the Iranian national science foundation as the representative of Iran to evaluate issues such as challenges in support of young researchers.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, Global Research Council Summit was held in 2019 in Sao Palo to assess the effectiveness of research. In the side meeting of the summit, attended by representatives of foundations supporting Asia-Pacific research, the challenges in the support of young researchers and presenting a fair judgment system was assessed. The Iranian national science foundation attended the event as the representative of Iran. This organization has been present in GRC meetings since 2015 as a member of Asia-Pacific region.

Evaluation of Scientific and Economic Effectiveness of Research Projects in 2019 Summit

Therefore, during this period, the Iranian national science foundation was also present at the summit, which examined the issue of the effectiveness of research from two perspectives. "Social and economic effectiveness as a criterion for budget allocation" and "showing the scientific, economic, and social effectiveness of sponsored research projects" were the topics of the GRC meetings in this round.

 In recent years, issues such as judging research projects and the position of women in research in GRC have been raised, and the foundation has been able to use the experience gained to define a new framework for its judgments. In addition, establishment of the Women"s Working Group on Research is another achievement of this attendance. In 2016, the Iranian national science foundation hosted the GRC Summit in Tehran. Moreover, the foundation’s representative has also been elected and become a member of the Executive Committee (ESG) since 2018.

 According to the report, GRC is an organization composed of leading research-based foundations such as the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Japan Science Promotion Association (JSPS) and the Swiss Science Foundation (SNSF). This summit pursues goals such as improving communication and collaboration among the sponsoring foundations of research to share best practices in collaborative research and to address common challenges in supporting research. The organization holds two annual (global and regional) meetings, hosted by the Joint Research Foundation of Sao Paulo (FAPESP) and the German Research Foundation (DFG), the National Science and Technology Research Council of Argentina (CONICET).

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