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By Iranian National Science Foundation;

29 research projects of the country

29 research projects of the country

Currently, the specialized committee of the Iranian national science foundation has approved 29 research projects in May for support and entering the execution phase.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, researchers of the country deliver their projects in various scientific fields to the working group of Iranian national science foundation to benefit from support provided to these individuals, if approved by the specialized committee.

Therefore, 29 research projects were approved for support in the latest meeting of the specialized committee of the foundation. This committee holds meetings every month to evaluate projects sent to various working groups. 29 projects approved in May were related to the fields of technical and engineering issues, inter-group, medicine, and basic sciences. In general, performing these projects will be associated with various achievements, including the publication of 30 Q1 articles, 13 articles, 1 prototype, and access to 1 technical knowledge. Moreover, 12 of these projects are managed by women and 17 of them are managed by men.

According to this report, 22 different working groups are active in fields of medicine, aerospace, basic sciences, religion, art and health and environment, which have brought scientific progress for the country in these fields. 

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