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To Be Introduced in INOTEX Exhibition;

Creative and innovative companies will receive 50% discount.

Creative and innovative companies will receive 50% discount.

In order to acquire a booth and introduce themselves in the eighth INOTEX exhibition, the creative and innovative companies will receive 50% discount.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, along with holding the eighth INOTEX exhibition and contribute to the promotion and introduction of creative companies in this event, 50% discounts will be given on the booth rents (up to 20 million rials) by the secretary of the biotechnology development headquarter.

Applicants can register for the event and receive their discount from the secretary after attending the event.

Over the last seven rounds, INOTEX has hosted several technology companies and startups from different countries. In addition, more than a thousand of companies have been from 25 different countries and have followed goals such as exchanging technology among private companies, joint investment, and participation in research and development projects. In this regard, more than 700 B2B meetings have been held among participants of the exhibition.

Various actors in the innovation and technology ecosystem attend the exhibition in the form of booth holders, visitors, lecturers, panelists, mentors and investors. INOTEX has laid the foundation for meeting and networking of activists of the ecosystem and meeting with mentors, top startups, accelerators, and investors. This year, the exhibition hosts the first Asia-Pacific Innovation Forum and guests from 62 countries.

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