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News > Products in the field of meteorology will be boosted with the help of knowledge-based companies

Sattari on Visit of Iran Meteorological Organization:

Products in the field of meteorology will be boosted with the help of knowledge-based companies

Products in the field of meteorology will be boosted with the help of knowledge-based companies

According to the vice president for science and technology affairs, knowledge-based and startup companies meet the knowledge, as well as hardware and software needs with their innovations and technologies in order to accurately forecast the weather. However, this act must be supported and attention must be paid to this type of businesses.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, weather forecast and recognition of climatic changes are interlinked with technology and innovation. Sorena Sattari, the vice president for science and technology affairs, visited the meteorological organization on April 10th to learn about the abilities of the country in this field and pave the way for entrance of technological innovations of startups and knowledge-based companies to this field.

Sattari introduced startups and knowledge-based companies as the main pathway for entrance of innovation and technology to the field of weather forecast.

He also explained about projects of knowledge border and successful contracts between knowledge-based enterprises and the industry, adding: the meteorological and weather forecasting sector needs efficient equipment and products. Knowledge-based companies are capable of domesticize the equipment for this area and provide indigenous technology and hardware or software based on the technical knowledge of the world.




According to the president of the knowledge-based economy and culture-building technologies development headquarter, knowledge-based companies and startups created by creative youth can make great improvements in efficiency of weather forecast. Therefore, it is first needed to open the door to these businesses.

Boosting the Production of Knowledge-based Weather Forecasting Equipment

Sattari pointed out the role of knowledge-based companies in the supply and flourishing of production of diagnostic and analytical software and equipment.

The vice president for science and technology affairs considered the cooperation of some knowledge-based companies and provision of software and hardware services in the field of weather forecasting as the first steps toward recognizing the capacities of these businesses.

Supporting the First Industrial Prototype of Weather Forecasting Equipment and Receiving a Standard License

The president of the national elites foundation also introduced a structural problem, conveying: one of the barriers to the path of businesses of young knowledge-based individuals is accepting the ability of these businesses. Firstly, we must accept all costs and risks of construction. Clients (organizations) that use the foreign counterparts must trust the domestic companies and open their markets to domestic products. Successful examples of this type of cooperation and support can now be observed in various industries.

Sattari regarded achieving standard licenses a barrier to lack of accepting knowledge-based businesses from the side of industries and described a solution for this challenge by the Vice-Presidency: in the area of standard, the cost of testing and achieving available standards will be fully supported by the Vice-Presidency owing to cooperation with the national standard organization. Moreover, certificate of conformity will be issued for industries not available in the country. With these types of support, the main goal is promoting high-quality Iranian knowledge-based products in the industry and reaching applicable and beneficial outputs for universities.  

Support of the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology Affairs to Meet Hardware and Research Needs

In another part of the meeting, Shar Tajbakhsh, head of the meteorological organization, pointed out the help of the knowledge-based companies and startups in some areas, asserting: in one case, a contract was concluded with a domestic company to supply 1400 radiosound devices with the cooperation of space research center of Iran for three stations. This equipment will be fully supplied by domestic companies in the future after approving their efficiency in this regard.

Tajbakhsh mentioned that the Vice-Presidency can identify and introduce capable businesses to meet the needs of the meteorological organization. In this respect, she affirmed: with the software and infrastructural support of the Vice-Presidency, the essential and technological needs of the meteorological organization will be met so that active companies could be active in this area.

In another part of the visit, Sattari visited other data analysis sections, as well as laboratories and weather forecasting equipment of the organization and learned about the abilities of the organization in prediction of weather based on statistical analyses.

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