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Aiming at Increasing Synergy among Leading Actors in the Technology and Innovation Ecosystem;

The forum of pioneers of the knowledge-based economy will be held

Deputy for policy making and strategic evaluation stated: the forum of pioneers of the knowledge-based economy will be held to increase synergy among leading actors in the ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship in the economy of the country.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, Mahdi Eliasi, deputy for policy making and strategic evaluation, pointed out the holding of the forum of pioneers of the knowledge-based economy, expressing: the main policies of the forum include "establishing a national and international framework for ideas and solutions to problems and challenges facing the development of knowledge economy," "attracting contributing influential actors among scientists, politicians, capital owners, theorists, and managers of pioneer knowledge companies", and “identification and appreciation of the efforts of activists in the field of knowledge economy”, and "networking and creating synergies among actors".

He continued: concomitant with INOTEX 2019 exhibition, the first forum of pioneers of the knowledge-based economy will be held by the Vice-Presidency with the goal of increasing synergy among the key players of ecosystem of science, technology and innovation of the country as the major core of evaluation and passing from knowledge-based economy.

Eliasi also explained the concept of leading companies, mentioning: the leading knowledge-based companies are often large enterprises that have the largest sales volume, export and occupation and a great potential for growth. In addition, they can be turned into multinational companies.

He also affirmed: this forum will gather the key and effective individuals and important units of knowledge-based economy. In addition, its mission is expanding the share of knowledge-based economy in national GDP of the country.

Pointing out the staff of units affecting knowledge-based economy, he continued: these units include government institutions active in the ecosystem, organizations and production and service-providing companies that are both active and technological, national units and knowledge-based investment, research and education centers and institutions and other units and sections of the society.

Deputy for policy making and strategic evaluation added: about four thousand and 300 knowledge-based companies have been active in various technology fields and have produced technological products or have provided services.

Regarding the forum date, he announced: the event will be held June 10th, 2019 along with INOTEX 2019 exhibition at the permanent location of international exhibitions.

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