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Support of 238 inventions is approved

Support of 238 inventions is approved

The patent office of the Vice-Presidency approved the support of 238 inventions after assessing 1398 requests.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, when idea and creativity is behind a production, the opinion of people is very interesting. Invention is always associated with innovation. Therefore, when we talk about an innovative achievement, it is easier to attract investors and pave the way for entrance of technological products to the market.

A product that brings welfare and eliminates the concerns of families regarding occupation. By doing so, we will be one step closer to boosting production. Therefore, support of patent registration is an act that can affect the flourishing of this path.

In this regard, supporting Iranian inventors to register their innovation in patent registration offices abroad is one of the tasks of the patent office of the Vice-Presidency and has supported investors of the country by 90% support of the researchers to officially register their achievements and acquiring ownership over their innovation. In this regard, 1398 inventions have been sent to the center by inventors but only 238 files have been supported after evaluation. In addition, 48 patents received grants from foreign patent registration offices with the support of the patent office of Vice-Presidency.

The patent office of the Vice-Presidency has aimed to establish active units of foreign patent registration in the form of a complex while considering the country’s need in the field of intellectual property. Established since 2005, this center has initiated its activities and was able to be recognized as the patent office of Iran in 2014 to deal with issues related to intellectual properties, especially patent registration, in all fields of science and technology.

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