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By the Formation of Databank of Aircraft Maintenance Needs;

The primary market for aerospace spare pieces is created in the country

One of the necessities of accurate policy-making and targeted planning is existence of accurate and comprehensive databases in all areas required. One of the main industries of the country in need of this databank is the aerial industry.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, the infrastructure of dynamism and improvement of aerial businesses of Iran is having coherent information of the active companies of the field and a comprehensive database of the aerial abilities in terms of products, services, and technologies. Presence of this information and accurate and scientific analysis of the information will make the move toward planning for the development of industry more accurate and efficient.

Therefore, due to the lack of a coherent database and proper analysis of the current aerial industry of the country, the national space and advanced transportation administration has aimed to design a database of active companies in aerial industry and advanced services and products in this industry and continue networking the companies.

The first version of this database was published during January 2015 encompassing the information of 180 companies. The final version was provided this year by having access to the information of approximately 420 active companies that were directly or indirectly involved in the aerial industry of the country, which showed 21% growth compared to 2017.

Companies existing on this database include active companies in specialized fields of mechanical systems, electro avionics, propulsion, structure, provision of raw materials for the manufacture of airborne parts and equipment, airport equipment, casting, testing and laboratory, aerospace design and repair, maintenance and refurbishment (MRO) in commercial airplanes, commercial helicopters and UAVs.

In order to connect the maintenance and repair centers with capable production companies of the country, attempts have been made including creation of a database of maintenance needs for the creation of the initial market of the airspace, the creation of a database of high-consumption and interchangeable parts for repair, creating a database of requirements for high-potential companies, preparing a database of standard parts, and extraction of a list of estimates and volume of the market for the production of items and sets of basic requirements in each area of the parts of the cooperative bodies in the field of air and repair centers of airlines.

the national space and advanced transportation administration has prioritized updating the databases in 2019.

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