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Movement toward Flourishing and Independence of the Country by Relying on Science, Technology, and Innovation

Movement toward Flourishing and Independence of the Country by Relying on Science, Technology, and Innovation

Today’s world is the world of knowledge. A world where science, technology, and innovation have been turned into the essential parts of progress and development of countries. Knowledge-based economy has emerged in all aspects of life, and the flourishing of each nation has an inseparable link with knowledge. The Islamic Iran is not an exception and the path of flourishing of the country is nothing but the path of science, technology and innovation. The economy of resistance illustrates the path of excellence toward the peaks of knowledge and ability. In fact, it is an endogenous, outsourcing, basic knowledge, public and justice-centered economy, aiming at decreasing reliance on resources and improving the position of science and knowledge of scientists and the youth in the country by bringing thinking and actions of academics, industrialists, technologists, donors, and the public, thereby facilitating the path toward the flourishing of science and technology. Given the emphasis of the Supreme Leader on the importance of science and technology and considerable achievements of Iran in this field, talking about science, technology, and innovation is not an unknown topic today. All society members somehow know the importance of this pillar in the development and growth of the country, and many people have hopes in solving challenges with the power of science. With regard to the huge and valuable capital of educated human resources in the country, and considering the importance of these issues for the public, the future decade could be recognized as the decade of flourishing of science, technology and innovation in the country since today’s society can benefit from the efforts made in the last four decades for the development of science, technology, and innovation resources and infrastructures.

With the emergence of new technologies that have the ability to create considerable added value and with the emergence of the new ecosystem of knowledge-based entrepreneurship, now is the time for the mature industry of the country to trust knowledge-based companies more than before and accept that the new ecosystem has the ability to change any form of business. Now, the older players of the field must decide whether to accept the new ecosystem or continue with their outdated approach. On the verge of the 40th anniversary of victory of Iran, the necessity of creating an appropriate space and updating the rules for facilitating the role-playing of these individuals by developing the ecosystem of entrepreneurship and role playing of knowledge-based companies is felt more than before. In addition, cooperation between organizations must improve with the goal of laying the foundation for realization of knowledge-based economy to increase the share of knowledge and technology in GDP of the country, thereby proving the ability of this newly emerged ecosystem one more time. Considering the evidence on the ability of occupation creation by the new knowledge-based ecosystem in the past few years and with regard to the power shown by the ecosystem in solving problems, we must all support the knowledge-based society, use science, technology and innovation in various issues and develop the culture of knowledge-based entrepreneurship.

A new ecosystem that is based on the knowledge and technology the youth and does not rely on construction, equipment, and big lands. This ecosystem is now based in the body of cities and has entered the ecosystem of urban life. Therefore, it is more able to recognize the issues, challenges, and opportunities existing in the society. In fact, the establishment of startups in cities has led to solving the problems, increasing occupations, and creating value in the community. We must believe that many challenges in economic, social, and cultural aspects of life can be solved by the science, technology and innovation of our youth. This occurs when we accept that similar to the youth who protected the country during the years of Iran-Iraq war, our youth today are able to deal with limitations and make progress in the country using their knowledge, technology and innovation. This is something we have done for 40 years: “We Can”.

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