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National authority is provided with space technology

National authority is provided with space technology

In the late 90s, the news of Iran"s space launch sparkled the world. Iran that had previously been unfamiliar, strange, and without achievement in the world of space has been now recognized by the world. The growth of Iran in the field of launching satellites to- pace was in a situation where only eight countries had entered this field with a very impressive academic background.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, civil space is not only important in terms of economic growth and increase of social well-being, but also it is significant in the strategic industries and is one of the important elements of national authority.

In 2017, the spatial sector of the country has entered a different stage of its development and maturity. In this year, along with the steady pursuit of space technology development, the development of a balanced space industry in all sectors related to space technology was on the agenda. This year, the foundation was laid for establishing and facilitating the entry of the private sector into the field of space technology development and the provision of applied services to society was key.

This administration has designed measures in the field of satellite design and construction, including support of designing nine academic satellites and two telecommunication and assessment satellites and Mesbah. In addition, design and construction of satellites and Safir Satellite Launcher have been supported by the administration.

In addition, the support of design and construction of space explorer is another measure taken by the administration. In the field of design, construction of a ground station and design and construction of information receiving stations and satellite control stations could be pointed out.

Since 2017, the primary edition of documents of economic development in the space field and occupation in the country has been created, which could lead to the development of basic space businesses. This phenomenon has improved the attitude of the capable Iranian youth toward the aerospace of the country, outcomes of efforts of whom will be transformed to the next generation.

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