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In the Presence of the Vice President for Science and Technology Affairs;

The innovation center of Borujerd is inaugurated

The innovation center of Borujerd is inaugurated


After opening the innovation center of Borujerd, the vice president for science and technology affairs stated: innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem needs empathy and the will of all sectors of society. Society must distinguish between young entrepreneurs and those who want to be hired by a government organization.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, Sorena Sattari opened the innovation center of Borujerd in Ayatollah Borujerdi University on March 12th 2019.

Pointing out the necessity of designing a new ecosystem in the province, Sattari asserted: in order to understand the true concept of development, we need an endogenous economy. The difference between mounting a set of machines and an endogenous and entrepreneurial industry must be determined.

Sattari regarded the universities of the province an opportunity to move toward the path of innovation and passing the resource-based economy, expressing: fortunately, the newly established University of Borujerd has taken its first steps toward innovation and flourishing of entrepreneurship. Teaching headlines to students without considering the domestic needs of the province is not efficient since it leads to the graduation of individuals whose ultimate goal is being hired by a government organization and take on a desk job.

According to the president of the knowledge-based economy and culture-building technologies development headquarter, university is the main pillar in development and transformation. An environment must be created around the university to benefit from this important society in a way that a city could be distinguished based on the use of its university.

Sattari regarded industrial investment without addressing the needs of the province not an opportunity but a damage to the environment and economy. In this respect, he added: the development that is imposed from outside to the province and has nothing to do with the inherent advantages of the province, yields no positive results and only leads to pollution and unemployment. Similarly, non-domestic universities that do not pay attention to the priorities of the community will not solve our problems.

According to the vice president for science and technology affairs, development must come from the heart of the province. Development that come from outside the province will not be productive and transformative. The industry brought from the outside will remain in the form of a factory and assembling, and will not be able to innovate and progress and does not require a university or engineer. Industry will be ours if we obtain the knowledge of its optimization and production.

The president of the knowledge-based economy and culture-building technologies development headquarter regarded the solution to maintain creative and entrepreneurial individuals as a way to deal with the immigration of talents from the province, affirming: if we can create this innovative, cultural and entrepreneurial ecosystem, we can expect a transformation. Development does not mean physical development, but the main part is culture and software development.

Sattari mentioned that training individuals who have history-transforming innovations requires an environment that welcomes and flourishes talents. In this regard, he affirmed: all parts of the province, from people to provincial authorities, must address this issue and distinguish young and creative individuals from those who demand a desk government job.

The vice president for science and technology affairs talked about the infrastructural and supportive role of the government, continuing: the government tries to develop entrepreneurship by promoting an ecosystem in all its economic, entrepreneurial and cultural dimensions. Supporting the science and technology parks, factories and growth centers is an initial step, and for this, the university should be regarded as the main pillar.

Sattari added: out responsibility is to support the new thinking style of universities and pay its costs. If the university moves toward this path, other parts of this area will move toward the same direct. We hope that a transformative phenomenon occurs in the future and we will witness a new generation of entrepreneurs in the province.

Meeting with Technologists of Borujerd

The vice president for science and technology affairs visited the knowledge-based and technology units placed in this innovation center and talked with their technologists.

The members of Samar Danesh Zagros Co., producer of natural pigments based on microalgae, presented their knowledge-based product to Sattari.

Zagros Borugard Iranian Co. has manufactured a device that is able to dig places inaccessible by human beings. In addition, the device can be used to dig at high altitudes or on ceilings.

“Dripping Gas Odorizer” is a technological device produced by San’atgaran Elm Pishe Knowledge-based Co., which passes a certain amount of odorant to pour out a certain volume of gas through a complex process with high precision.

Pishtazan Elm & Eghtesad Co. has manufactured a Oxylink cutting machine for cutting of metal and non-metal materials.

In addition, Ab Pishavaran Pars Kar Co. produces equipped soft starter boards. This device has the features and capabilities of controlling and protecting various types of electropumps, electro-floating motors and network connections, and the emergency setup of an electromotor with two phases and preventing the cavitation phenomenon.

Faraz San’at Tose’e produces processor digital protectors in Iran and exhibited its product to Sattari during the visit.

In another part of the travel, Sattari went to the tomb of martyrs of Ayatollah Borujerdi University and paid tribute to anonymous martyrs. In addition, he planted a seedling in the university due to concomitance with the week of natural products.


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