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News > The Re-Branding of Export of knowledge-based Products Is Introduced in Germany

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In the Area of Software Services;

The Re-Branding of Export of knowledge-based Products Is Introduced in Germany

The re-brand model in the area of software services export to Germany will be evaluated in a specialized meeting aiming at developing the export of knowledge-based products.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, with regard to the importance of branding and its role in the development of knowledge-based products, evaluation of various branding models, such as re-branding, is of paramount importance. Therefore, a specialized meeting will be held with the topic of export of knowledge-based products.

In this meeting, Masoud Hasani will present a report on the export of knowledge-based software to this country as the representative of the international science and technology interaction center in Germany. Re-branding is a model that changes an old brand for development of its appearance and competes with other competitors to obtain a share of the market.  

The goal of re-branding is penetrating the mutual understanding of a product or brand, where customers have a closer experience with the old brand to meet their needs. In this regard, the market production of the product can be recharged.

In the specialized meeting of software services export to Germany with Re-branding model, the headlines of opportunities for export of software services to Germany, Righton Co. services for development of knowledge-based businesses in the area of software and important licenses and regulations of software area in Germany will be evaluated.

The meeting will be held March 13th 2019 during 14:00-16:00 at the location of the Vice-Presidency.

Registration for the meeting is carried out through For more information, please contact the corridor of technology export and exchange with the telephone number of +9863103315-6. 

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