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With Signing a Cooperation Agreement with the Vice-Presidency;

“Shasta” complex joined the ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship

“Shasta” complex joined the ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship

With the goal of developing the ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship and realization of knowledge-based economy, a bilateral cooperation agreement was signed between the vice president for science and technology affairs and CEO of a social supply investment company called “Shasta”.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, a bilateral cooperation agreement was signed between Sorena Sattari, the vice president for science and technology affairs, and Mohammad Rezvanifar, CEO of Shasta, in order to develop the ecosystem of knowledge-based economy in the investment area.

In this ceremony, the vice president for science and technology affairs stated: companies working with Shasta have a remarkable market, and we have sought the acceptance of knowledge-based companies and ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship with its abilities.

Sattari announced investment on more than 100 drugs and primary pharmaceutical compounds, which has made us more needless of drug import, adding: for instance, we are on the verge of concluding contracts for the mentioned 100 drugs. We are prepared to jointly invest in the development of technology and commercialization of drugs, active in drug manufacturing companies working with Shasta.

The president of the knowledge-based economy and culture-building technologies development headquarter regarded one of the clear and sustainable paths for complexes such as Shasta in the process of innovation and startup boosting to be establishing innovative factories, asserting: the Vice-Presidency has jointly and actively supported the flourishing of knowledge-based companies and startups in the ICT field. The entrance of Shasta Complex to this area can help supply content and innovative needs and create favorable income and occupation for creative and educated youth of the country.

We Have a Coherent Program to be Knowledge-based

During the meeting, the CEO of Shasta, explained the extensive activities of the companies working with this investment complex to be in line with becoming knowledge-based, asserting: with our companies, we can be effective in various pharmaceutical topics, electronic companies, and information and communication technology.



Rezvanifar also delared: for the next year, we have designed a comprehensive program to enter the knowledge-based field. According to the joint cooperation committee, a report will be provided in the progress of the work over the next three months. We have aimed to operationalize our abilities in various sections of Shasta in knowledge-based field.

Development of Knowledge-based Companies of Shasta

According to this agreement, we have aimed to use the potential capacities of companies working with Shasta in knowledge-based field. By signing this agreement, the ecosystem of innovation, technology and entrepreneurship will be developed, and science, technology and knowledge-based economy is one of the most important components of the economy of resistance on the path of promotion and culture-building.

Recognizing and introducing proper spaces for establishing technology complexes, innovation factories and startups and support of technology brokerages, growth centers and accelerators are some of the commitments of Shasta in line with this agreement.

Spiritual and financial support of cooperation of knowledge-based businesses with Shasta Complex, holding entrepreneurial events and festivals, promoting and introducing successful businesses, products and services to applicants, and creating the market with the implementation of policy of guaranteeing the purchase of high-quality products and services with the necessary standards produced by knowledge-based companies and startups are among other commitments of the complex.

The Vice-Presidency will help recognize and prioritize eligible companies and startups, accelerators, and venture capitals with technical and economic justification.

In addition, support of promotion and culture-building, education and counseling and informing in the areas required by Shasta, helping supply the investment of new businesses in the framework of support law of knowledge-based companies and accelerating the process of achieving knowledge-based approval for companies working with Shasta are other commitments of the Vice-Presidency in line with this bilateral cooperation.

The strategic committee of the agreement will be responsible for following up the topics and issues of the agreement in the presence of representatives from social supply investment company and the Vice-Presidency.

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