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On the Occasion of the Second Festival and Exhibition of Water, Soil, and Environment Technologies

On the sweet bedside of this soil

On the sweet bedside of this soil

The Iranian society has always brought the evil monster of drought to its knees. The dark clouds of famine and scarcity have blocked the path of sunlight for numerous days. However, no sun has remained behind the clouds. In the hottest places of Iran and deserts of this country, there are cities and villages that are our honor and are still standing. We have faced many problems, all of which have been eventually eliminated.

The nature is ruthless and straightforward. If you tyrannize, it will stand in front of you more tyrannically. If you are kind, it will be kind to you with its rain. Symbiosis and intercession have always been our craft and regulation, supporting the gratification of the residents of Iran. Nonetheless, over the past few decades, we have dealt with many difficulties in the country. It seems that the boat is not sailing quite well by favorable winds. The problems existing in the country are mainly due to the unkindness and insignificance of many people.

Conserving and protecting the water and soil of this land is our eternal duty. The eco-system of innovation and knowledge-based economy has warm and extended hands that can brought prosperity to Iran. Our youth are creative and motivated more than ever and know tricks that can defeat the daemon of drought. The unique startups and ideas are growing in the minds of the youth one by one. The sleepy youth of the years before is sharper than ever and wants to maintain the belongings and blessings of Iran and what is more valuable than water and soil? What kind of fight is more valuable than fighting with soil erosion and dehydration?

These days, we are in the middle of the second festival and exhibition of idea and startup of knowledge-based companies in the field of water and environment, which is a great opportunity for the youth and idea owners and knowledge-based companies and investors to be ensured of the fact that they are on the right path. They can realize that this is the most important path and leads to brightness and progress. This can turn the melancholy of soil into joy and happiness and open the gate to rehabilitation and green spaces to anywhere our citizens live in and inject hope into the acts of individuals. Many ideas and beliefs are circulating in the waves of graduates and academics and researchers. The art of fishing among the managers of technological companies and venture capitals must be more flourished in order to lead to the development of the country.

I hope that the impact of this event on the society would be soon observed and our people could benefit from the achievements of the event as soon as possible. I hope that the newly established path could have strong and sustainable passengers like before.

*Advisor to the vice president for science and technology affairs and secretary of knowledge-based economy and culture-building development headquarter.

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