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News > Being active in financial technologies will affect the economy of the country.

Daliri on a Meeting for Signing a Cooperation Agreement in the Area of Development of Cryptocurrency and Financial Technologies:

Being active in financial technologies will affect the economy of the country.

Being active in financial technologies will affect the economy of the country.


According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, Alireza Daliri, deputy for management and resources development headquarter, emphasized the financial technologies section of the country in a meeting on signing a cooperation agreement in the area of cryptocurrency and Fintech, stating: one of the important areas in the field of knowledge-based companies, that affect the economy of Iran, is Fintech since there is a rapid growth in this area and other parts of economy can positive enter this field as well.

He emphasized the order by the Supreme Leader of Iran on creating a knowledge-based economy in the country, expressing: our Supreme Leader has constantly focused on the issue that the communication infrastructure of the country must be formed based on new technologies.

He talked about online nature of borders for technology transfer, affirming: our government must be coordinated with new technologies. However, the red lines of the government must be considered as well.

Deputy for management and resources development headquarter pointed out that one of the current issues is blockchain and cryptocurrency. In this regard, he asserted: the borders are open in terms of information transfer and there is no possibility of blocking these borders to prevent technologies.

Daliri mentioned the role of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs in the issue of cryptocurrency, stating: the Vice-Presidency has aimed to establish a foundation for cryptocurrency through counseling with relevant investors and experts. In addition, it is aimed to improve the perspectives toward this issue.

Daliri expressed that the Vice-Presidency has attempted to establish a working group for activities in the area of cryptocurrency. In this respect, he marked: we have aimed to form a limited team of involved individuals of the field as a specialized team, so that a framework is determined in the end as the representative of the private sector and government to finalize the issue and entering it into the operationalization stage.

Pointing out the establishment of a mutual currency between countries, Daliri affirmed: we can have many financial businesses with other countries if there is a mutual cryptocurrency so that we are able to support both the domestic and foreign substrates of financial payment in an online form.

He regarded the issue of cryptocurrency a positive change in the country, stating: cryptocurrency is regarded a proper data for financial exchanges. However, we need the support of the private sector to make progress in this field since all of these issues might occur in the private sector substrate and the government must only facilitate the access to these technologies.

According to this report, the meeting for signing a joint agreement on development of cryptocurrency and fintech was held in the presence of Alireza Daliri, Naser Hakimi, deputy for new technologies of central bank, and Hamouni, the CEO of Fara Bourse. A great number of activities of this area attended this meeting and an agreement was signed between the central bank and the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs to develop cryptocurrency and fintech.


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