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Advisor to the Vice President for Science and Technology Affairs:

The founding faculty members of knowledge-based companies receive points

The secretary of the headquarters for knowledge-based economy and soft and creative industries development announced giving up to 30 points to the faculty members for establishing knowledge-based companies.

Parviz Karami, the advisor to the vice president for science and technology affairs, explained the activities of faculty members in the innovation ecosystem of the country, stating: the cultural revolution high council has determined specific conditions for improving the level of faculty members. Earning a certain level of points will increase the ranking of faculty members or those demanding to become a faculty member in various higher education institutions.

The secretary of the headquarters for knowledge-based economy culture-building and soft and creative industries development added: this is done with the aim of motivating university professors to participate more in knowledge-based and technological activities, which according to the law are certain privileges for effective cooperation in establishing a knowledge-based company.

Karami also affirmed: in case of the confirmation of the center for knowledge-based institutions and companies of the Vice-Presidency, faculty members who are active in technological tasks will receive specific points for their activities.

The president of the center for information and communication of the Vice-Presidency continued: according to this regulation, if faculty members have invented, discovered or produced applied research products that have reached the commercialization stage in their research and technology portfolio, they will receive 1 to 15 points equal to the rules in the faculty promotion rank chart.

Mentioning that patent registration is one of the research and technological activities of an institution or company that receives points, Karami marked: of course, provided that this product has been sold or used under license. In this case, too, it has up to 15 points according to the regulations of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution. Determining the sequence of a gene registered in scientific or legal authorities inside or outside the country with the approval of the competent authorities of the Ministries of Science and Health will also result from half to 2 points.

Karami explained how points are allocated: points are considered for the scientific and executive activities of the faculty members. In case of establishing a university, research center, higher education institution of towns and science and technology parks, growth centers and knowledge-based companies, it is considered as “effective cooperation” and they will receive a maximum of four points for each half year and a maximum of eight scores for each educational topic.

The advisor to the president of the national elites foundation continued: deputies of science and technology parks that are affiliated with universities, managers of the headquarters center of higher education institutions and universities, vice chancellors of schools, research centers and research units that are independent or dependent on other institutions and CEOs of academic universities will receive five points.

For more information, please refer to the website of www.daneshbonyan.isti.ir.

The Vice-Presidency has aimed to persuade faculty members to participate in technological activities to guide universities from non-applied theories to added value creation.

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