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The Advisor to the Vice President for Science and Technology Affairs

The secretary of the headquarters for culture knowledge-based economy stated: selecting scientific elites in various fields is a motivating activity carried out to develop the support of elites, professors and researchers in the country. In total, 100 scientific elites were selected from 19 cities of the country in the last round.

Parviz Karami, the advisor to the vice president for science and technology affairs, expressed about selecting scientific elites in different fields based on various criteria: the selection process of top elites and professors of the country is managed by the science elites federation.

Karami added: before that, elites of the country were selected in four previous rounds. In total, 100 faculty members of the country are selected as scientific elites in the fifth round. These individuals are selected from 43 universities and 16 different provinces. It is notable that 62 out of 100 people were selected from universities of Tehran Province.

The secretary of the headquarters for culture knowledge-based economy also marked: some of the benefits of the program for top elites include research and lab grants and post-doctoral researcher selection. In addition, those selected in the fifth round will be introduced to research and educational institutions of the country.

Cash grants for scientific elites will be provided in a range of 25-150 million Tomans. In addition, lab grants will be provided in a range of 5-10 million Tomans. Postdoctoral researcher recruitment support is also paid for one-three people.

The president of the information and communications center emphasized the all-around support of researchers by the Vice-Presidency to produce applied science and technology in the country, expressing: these individuals are selected based on pre-defined scientific criteria. In order to create more transparency for the selection of scientific leaders, there is no need to send any documents and the selection process is done according to the regulations and notifications. The 100 individuals selected in this round were from 16 provinces and 19 cities of the country. In total, nine and eight elites were selected from Isfahan province (Isfahan and Kashan) and Zanjan province, respectively. Nevertheless, most of the elites were selected from Tehran province.

The advisor to the president of the national elites foundation continued: Sharif University of Technology with 13 scientific honors and 9331 scientific credentials has gained the first rank among scientific and research institutes. Nine of the selected scientific elites of Sharif University of Technology were from the school of physics of this university.

Karami declared: in this regard, Tarbiat Modarres and Shahid Beheshti universities were ranked second and third, respectively. In addition, three universities of Lorestan, Babolsar Noshirvani University of Technology and Isfahan University of Technology are among the top 10 universities. According to the top publications, which are mostly in the field of basic sciences, 70 of the scientific elites are from the fields of physics and chemistry. Other disciplines including mathematics, biotechnology, cognitive sciences, energy engineering, mechanical engineering, computer engineering and agricultural engineering each have one scientific elite.

Karami added: the goal of the Vice-Presidency is valuating the research efforts of elites in the area of science. All executive organizations must cooperate with the Vice-Presidency to facilitate the process, which will result in the development of scientific activities and domestication of products and technologies required in the country.

A report by the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs


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