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Corona Has Made Us Stronger

Parviz Karami, the secretary of the knowledge-based economy and culture-building technologies development headquarter.

What was meant for Evil, we used for good. Corona has led to technological developments and use of knowledge in Iran. For the first time, both the people and the authorities have used scientists’ opinions to deal with problems. Without a doubt, scientists, physicians, healthcare personnel and knowledge-based companies have been successful in this test.

Iran has passed this critical situation with the least costs.

Nevertheless, the hardship of this time cannot be understood without assessing the experience of the Europe and the US during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and based on the news announced by valid media of the US, Trump’s administration has dealt with Corona in the worth way possible. A few days after hearing the sad news of corona, this disease reached Iran while journalists, the media, and experts were still trying to understand the situation. We were faced with corona very soon, whereas it reached the US at a time that Iran, South Korea, China, and Europe have already had the experience of the disease.

Not only the US was not surprised by the disease, it had sufficient time to do research, plan and organize for the crisis.

Nevertheless, it failed in planning against corona. Let me make an example. Under normal circumstances, hospitals do not need a large number of gowns, alcohol pads, gloves, masks and medical equipment.

The required equipment is kept in the warehouse of medical centers according to the number of visits. Sometimes, days go by and no one in a medical center needs to wear a mask and a ventilator. But, things are different in the corona outbreak.

Therefore, in the first days, it was natural that in China, or in Iran, or in South Korea, there was a shortage of detection kits, gloves, and alcohol pads.

On the other hand, the Americans had sufficient time to compensate for their medical equipment shortage before the outbreak of the disease. However, they failed to do so and were forced to use garbage bags instead and produce masks and gloves from plastic and texture. In Europe, the situation was not as bad as in the United States. Italy and Spain paid more but were able to get through this crisis. The European countries were not dealing with sanctions and had no foreign currency problems. They have made significant technological advancements in the modern world. People travel to the Europe and the US from across the world to study in reputable universities. The US had both the science and money to deal with this problem. Nevertheless, it failed in the battle against corona and paid a huge price to get through the crisis. Actual comparisons show that what happened in Iran was not short of a miracle. Not only has Iran been under sanctions for 40 years, but it has also been paralyzed since Trump took office and has had an anti-Iranian attitude. Iran is practically unable to do business with the world and has foreign currency exchange problems. Iran has serious problems in purchasing medicine. Nevertheless, knowledge-based companies, physicians, and the medical staff and people have been able to compensate for shortages by relying on themselves and God’s will and have been successful in controlling the virus. The fact that we were able to produce diagnostic kits very soon is not a scientific news but a national pride, showing that sanctions have been ineffective and could not prevent us from advancement.

In addition to our political and international successes, we have achieved higher levels scientifically and socially. As soon as the scientific authority was accepted without serious resistance from the people, officials and even religious scholars, it shows that in Iran we are dealing with a conscious, dynamic and intelligent society.

Sociologists may have predicted that scientific authority in Iran would cause some religious groups to react, but with the help of the leadership of modern thought, not only was this did not occur, but also acceptable, brave, and powerful, leadership in the Iranian society was more successful than Europe in this respect.

No supermarket or shopping center was looted in Iran. Shortage of no product became a problem in the country. People soon learned the special etiquette of dealing with corona and took scientific and health advice seriously. The story behind corona was not chance but proper management of the authorities in Iran. We could not be successful without the help of the motivated young scientists, whose knowledge-based methods eliminated problems in the country. This has been the most serious experience after the holy defense. Not only scientists and inventors came to the field, but also artists, teachers and experts and the people on the street and the market came to help the society. This level of coordination has not been wage. Heed no attention to superficial and vulgar advertising of some Farsi media that cooperate with Iran’s enemies. In fact, our enemies know better what we have done. What is important is that corona has built a bridge that improves the Iranian society financially and spiritually. It is a saying that “what does not kill you, makes you stronger”. Corona disease has made us stronger and has returned our lost self-confidence.  

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