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Today : Monday Jan 18 2021

The Sixth Five-Year Development Plan of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Some of the subjects of the Sixth Program, which have assigned tasks to the Vice President of Science and Technology or raised issues about knowledge-based companies, are briefly summarized below: 1. The government's commitment to supporting small business and knowledge-based businesses 2. The participation of the Vice-President of Science and Technology in preparing the requirements for improving the security of the business environment 3. Completion of production chains and export development and promotion of productivity for agricultural water and soil by strengthening knowledge-based companies 4. Upgrading and updating knowledge-based technologies on airplanes using the capabilities of the Iranian Aircraft Industry Corporation 5. Having all the active companies in the industry for all kinds of flying devices and their belongings from the rules and policies of the knowledge-based companies 6. Aviation of the country with domestic and international cooperation and the priority of supporting domestic production 7. Support for domestic needed equipment manufacturers for the urban and interurban rail transport industry in purchasing external equipment in cooperation with the Vice President of Science and Technology

Approval Date : 1395/12/25

Approval Authority : Islamic Consultative Assembly


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