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Today : Monday Jan 18 2021

Regulations Section "H" Article 29 of the law of tenders (Purchase consulting Services)

Based on the approval and its amendments, the referral of research works to universities, and research institutes, incubators and science and technology parks and other legal research centers that their final agreement has been issued to carry out research activities by the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology the Ministry Science, Research and Technology and the Ministry of Health, Medicine and Medical Education, are or will be among the examples of consulting services. Also, the final agreement to carry out research activities in the fields of universities, research institutes, incubators and science and technology parks, and other legal research centers, as issued by the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, and the Ministry Health and Medical Education and certification of knowledge-based companies and institutes subjected on Article 3 in the regulation for Protection of Knowledge-based Companies and Institutes and the commercialization of innovations and inventions, are considered as a certificate of competency for the referral of research work. In addition, knowledge-based companies and institutes solely authorized to conduct applied and development research for the production of technical knowledge or development of goods and knowledge-based services in specialty areas approved by the mentioned workgroups and the number of research contracts yearly should be valid at most twice the revenue from goods and services provided in the tax return of last year. Approved organizations are required to register research on Samt system.

Approval Date : 1385/07/05

Approval Authority : The Cabinet of Ministers


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