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Today : Monday Jan 18 2021

Regulation of developing the use of Information and Communication Technology

In this regulation, the creation of a field for the growth of industries and knowledge-based services based on information and communication technology has been introduced as one of the goals. Accordingly, the Innovation and Prosperity Fund is obliged, according to the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology, to provide two percent of the Fund's resources to support the acceptance of venture capital investment in products, and the achievements of knowledge, innovation, and technology in the field of ICT in all stages of production, apply for deployment to private risk management financial institutions in accordance with applicable regulations. Also, the Vice President of Science and Technology, all public and private banks and ministries of communication and information technology and also industry, mining, and trade can participate in financial resources in risky financial institutions.

Approval Date : 1393/06/11

Approval Authority : The Cabinet of Ministers


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