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Today : Monday Jan 18 2021

Comprehensive document on country aerospace development

This document has been compiled in two aerospace, aeronautical and aerospace fields . In the first field, tasks such as policy-making, management, coordination and establishment of inter-institutional communication in the field of air and aeronautics are assigned to the headquarter headed by the Vice-President of Science and Technology. Comprehensive document on country aerospace development dated 91/10/19 has been approved at the 728th meeting of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution. " 6 2 - Airlines and Aviation areas for the headquarter of development and knowledge-based industries, airlines and aviation is responsible for policy task execution, leadership, coordination and communication between devices to expand technology and knowledge-based industries in the field of aviation and aerospace in the context of this document.

Approval Date : 1391/10/19

Approval Authority : Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution


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