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Today : Monday Jan 18 2021

Approval for the Establishment of Biotechnology Headquarter

Vice president of science and technology is head of headquarter that is responsible for policy, planning, executive management, coordination and observation in the field of biotechnology. Approval for the "Establishment of the Biotechnology Development Headquarter" (approved by the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, Meeting 705, dated 10/23/2011) Note 1 of Article 1: The Vice President of Science and Technology is the head of headquarter. Note 3, Article 1. The organizational structure and the duties of the secretariat of the Biotechnology Development will be prepared and approved by the competent authorities. According to Note 3 of Article 1 of this approval, the Special headquarter for the Development of Biotechnology is established in the Vice-President of Science and Technology with the organizational structure and budget.

Approval Date : 1390/10/27

Approval Authority : Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution


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