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Today : Monday Sep 27 2021

Innovation and New Business Office:

Supporting commercialization of projects of knowledge-based and technology companies

Directing inventions and innovations toward solving the problems of the country and providing the current shortage and create the mechanism for introducing innovative services and products

Directing, guiding and supporting the launch of invention events and exhibitions, technologies and innovations of technology companies

Planning, directing and supporting innovation centers

Supporting institutions that support knowledge-based companies based in industrial towns, technology parks, and growth centers

Planning to lay the foundation for the investment of economic agencies in production and commercialization of technologies

Empowering the knowledge-based entrepreneurial ecosystem with directing the innovation accelerators

Supporting domestic products and marketing and exporting knowledge-based and technology goods and services through stimulating the demand for technological products

Monitoring the factors that influence the commercialization cycle and providing solutions for improving the business environment

Exploiting and directing research and empowering universities and scientific centers to develop technologies and innovations through the development of knowledge-based academic institutions

Science-Industry-Market Association:

Supporting the formation and development of science-industry-market associations

Monitoring the science-industry-market associations

Designing and implementing science-industry-market relationship models based on technology and industry field

Recognizing the technological needs and challenges of industries and identifying and introducing the technological abilities of knowledge-based companies to solve the industrial problems in some fields

Networking and holding events to facilitate the communication and exchange of knowledge and technology between science and technology centers and technological individuals and groups with the industry and market

Holding specialized events with the goal of marketing and stimulating demand, including Iranian-made laboratory materials and equipment exhibition

Establishing the program of smart market for knowledge-based products (platform)

Center for National Macro Technology Projects:

Studying and participating in the defining of the national macro technology projects in coordination with relevant institutions on the basis of meeting the basic technological and strategic priorities of the country

Reviewing, evaluating and approving new projects in the framework of the center

Planning, managing, monitoring, and directing approved and running projects

Financial and spiritual support (following up the required standards and relevant laws) of approved and running projects

Assessing and following up the issue of commercialization of the achievements of completed projects by attracting resources by the investor or the beneficiary of the project and other financial institutions in order to meet the basic needs and comprehensive development of the country

Laying the ground for the maximum use of the country's scientific, technical, engineering, and infrastructural capacities and capabilities to implement the national macro technology projects

Identifying and helping to take advantage of special opportunities for the development and growth of new technologies in the country

Promoting the group-collaboration culture to achieve macro goals of national projects


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