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Iranian-made Lab Equipment Will Be Used in Schools

Iranian-made Lab Equipment Will Be Used in Schools

The vice president for science and technology affairs stated: the Vice-Presidency will provide all lab equipment made in Iran to schools, research institutions and art schools with a 50% discount so that the schools could be equipped and proper market could be created for knowledge-based companies.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, Sorena Sattari, the vice president for science and technology affairs, stated during the ceremony for signing a memorandum of understanding between the Vice-Presidency, the national elites foundation and the ministry of education, asserting: education is one of the main pillars of the knowledge-based economy movement in the country. We must take advantage of this great potential that has the potential to strengthen and realize the knowledge-based economy.

Sattari continued: the field of education is a broad and specialized context that requires courage to enter. We hope to be able to contribute to the new collaborative partnership we have with education, not to be an overload for them.

The president of the national elites foundation pointed out providing Iranian-made lab equipment to schools and other places, expressing: the Vice-Presidency provides equipment with a 50% discount.

He also pointed out: Iran Sakht Lab Exhibition has started production with the simplest lab equipment and products since six years ago. However, the most complicated lab equipment and devices have been provided by domestic experts in the exhibition in the past few years.

According to Sattari, the least laboratory equipment is imported from Iran to other countries today. We can manufacture the lab equipment to the needs of schools and research centers and offer 50% off.

Holding the Annual Exhibition of Laboratory Equipment Needed for Schools

The president of the knowledge-based economy and culture-building technologies development headquarter emphasized: the Vice-Presidency holds the exhibition of laboratory equipment required by schools in order to present Iranian-made equipment to schools and research centers.

Pointing out another mission of the Vice-Presidency, Sattari affirmed: in a joint cooperation with the national elites foundation, the Vice-Presidency has sought to identify and discover top talents, which is followed up in the form of “Shahab” and “Sampad” projects. We are prepared to implement these projects in schools.

Sattari continued: Sampad and Shahab projects are two important projects of the Vice-Presidency and approved by the Supreme Leader. The project has been carried out after signing a cooperation agreement between the Vice-Presidency and the ministry of education.

School Starts the Culture of Knowledge-based Economy

Sattari considered the start of culture-building of knowledge-based economy from schools, adding: we must create the culture of knowledge-based economy, culture-building of purchasing Iranian-made products, entrepreneurship spirit, establish the spirit of returning to cultural values and traditions, emergence of creativities and increase self-confidence in students, all of which occur in school classes.

Pointing out the specialized education of nanotechnology, biotechnology and aerospace in student research institutions and schools, Sattari marked: the project is being followed up. In our new joint cooperation, we seek the development of science and technology in all schools of the country.