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Inviting Knowledge-based Companies and Academics to Attend the Bahman 22 Rallies

Inviting Knowledge-based Companies and Academics to Attend the Bahman 22 Rallies

The vice president for science and technology affairs and the president of the national elites foundation invited elites, knowledge-based companies, and academics to attend the Bahman 22 rallies.

The text of the invitation is, as follows:

In the name of God

An invitation

No invitation is required to participate in the national ceremony of a free nation. However, having a share in calling to attend the ceremony is an honor for me…

We have reached the 41st anniversary of the Islamic revolution. The first years of the second step of the Islamic revolution are the years to seriously decide to end dependency. The story of this national ceremony is the story of tears and smiles of a nation… Tears of losing our loved ones and happiness about the days of dignity and honor; the honors created in the battlefield. Now is the time to be awake; the clear eyes that show self-efficiency and zeal. This is the story of conquests of jihad in science and technology. The days have been waiting for years. Days of independence and relief from crude-selling addiction. While our enemies have realized that increased pressure on the people has been effective…they do not know that they are in danger and now is the time to break the impure orb of the competitors. The twenty-first century demon has not yet identified its competitor… it wrongly thought that it is about the people who sacrifice their loved ones for dignity. The seedling planted by Imam Khomeini has now given fruits to be taken by our Supreme Leader. Only a few steps have remained to that time… “the second step” is started… the season of cultivation is near. A new generation is on the way which has the experience of their parents, the dignity and ideology of martyrs, the belief of elites, the preparedness and freedom of a warrior, and young passion and perfectionism… now is the time for “Iranian-made”…

On the verge of the 41st victory of the Islamic revolution, technologists, elites, the scientific society and elites of the country will attend the Bahman 22 rallies similar to last year to remind the memories of martyrs of the revolution and the holy defense, as well as the martyrdom of General Soleimani.

Again, we will shout the ideals of martyrs and the architecture of the Islamic revolution, Imam Khomeini and will want independence, freedom and the Islamic republic under the leadership of our Supreme Leader. The cold days of sanctions promise us the warm days of independence and freedom from dependency. I will see you on the Bahman 22 rallies.

Communication and Information Center

The Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology Affairs