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With the support of the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology Affairs;

Activities of creative companies in the field of toys and gamification will be developed

Activities of creative companies in the field of toys and gamification will be developed


The soft and identity-making technologies development headquarter held the second round of game and toy promotion exhibition at the fifth national toy fair with the cooperation of the institute for the intellectual development of children and young adults.

The exhibition welcomed thousands of enthusiasts in the fields of education, games and toys. In the exhibition, creative companies had active presence in the specialized game and learning area and presented their innovative activities in the area of games and learning for the private and public audiences.

With the established planning, 28 government, private and public collections participated in the event.

Among these companies, 23 organizations presented their game-oriented creative companies in a specific space as creative companies working in the specialized field of games and toys.

According to the authorities of the exhibition, the presence of creative companies in the exhibition was not just an introduction to activities, but an effective and experiential presence for the audience. Therefore, during this period, the game and toy promotion exhibition was able to stimulate the activity of creative toy companies.

According to the planning for the event, the fair in the morning hosted a tour of administrators and coaches from previously booked training centers, as well as free student camps in the morning.

In the afternoon, public audiences and families could visit the exhibit free and form a shared experience between adults and children.

Similar to the first round, the second round of the exhibition was held based on the planning of the soft and identity-making technologies development headquarter.

During this round, it was attempted to hold a specialized exhibition of game-centered activities as the main part of the national toy fair.

Creative companies attending the exhibition presented a wide range of game-centered activities with a great thematic diversity to be used by various age ranges.

The series of Bazi Dozi (origami games based on mathematical logic, homogeneity and similarity), Orobot (games related to gear concepts and power transmission), Marian (game-based activities to learn the basics of gardening and plant conservation), Saland (games based on motor intelligence and learning health concepts), and Bazidoost (table games that promote multiple intelligences of children indirectly) were the most effective games introduced by creative companies.

In this round of the exhibition, 365 educational instructors and managers and 1000 students visited the exhibition in tours. The event had a mean daily audience of 5000 in the evening.

In addition, 10 senior executives from various departments, including the minister and deputy ministers of education, directors and deputies of the general education departments, members of the coordinating council of non-governmental schools in Tehran, deputy directors of cultural and social affairs of Tehran municipality, and the book garden and senior officials of the Islamic advertising organization visited the exhibition.

A report by the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs