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New Ideas Will Transform the Insurance Industry

New Ideas Will Transform the Insurance Industry


The infrastructures for insurance industry of the country will be transformed by new ideas with the support of the automation and digital technologies development headquarter.

The insurance industry is one of the industries that has undergone many changes in the wave of technological developments, and emerging scholars have been able to build new structures for it via breakthroughs in the old industry.

The insurance industry has witnessed a steady stream of cutting-edge technologies over the past decade, from artificial intelligence to automobiles, technologies that have influenced every aspect of the industry every day and every moment, and have made many challenges for insurance companies.

Now, insurers understand the need to apply technology to find ways to make the best use of technology tools in the current economic, cultural and social conditions. Meanwhile, customers are also faced with a wide range of insurance products due to the tendency of modern technologies to choose the insurance product. Because customers in today"s world are always looking for a fully digital experience, multi-service ecosystems, and so on, insurers have come to develop solutions to meet customer needs and priorities.

Plannet Innovation Center

The center has aimed to be a strong organization for the development of insurance industry in the country, and support investment and monitoring of InsurTech and startup teams that have something to say in the field of insurance.

According to the managers of Plannet, the construction of the platform has been started since last December. Creating this platform can help the insurance industry develop innovative and technological practices. Implementing young people"s creative ideas and their role in the growth of the knowledge-based economy with the presence of key players in the country"s insurance industry are other goals the Plannet Co.

A report by the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs