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Support of technomarts will increase

Support of technomarts will increase

The 13th national meeting of regional and specialized technomarts of the country was held in the presence of the vice president for science and technology affairs and a number of activists of the technomart of Iran. During the meeting, Sorena Sattari emphasized the necessity of producing technological products using the investment of the private sector, introducing a growing trend for the technomarts of Iran.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, Sattari expressed: I am happy that an opportunity was made to attend this gathering. I have always talked about this ecosystem, and without a doubt, technomarts are an effective part of the innovation ecosystem in the country. However, the basic issue in this regard is the fact that technology is supposed to be made by the investment of the private sector and not the budget of the public sector.

Pointing out the experiences gained in the past, Sattari asserted: serious threats exist regarding the use of government money to produce research-based technologies. In fact, government budget can hardly develop a product, and government support will ultimately only reduce the risk of investment and investment is the main responsibility of the private sector.

He also added: with regard to the cooperation between the ministry of mind, trade and business and a number of provincial brokers and technomarts, I hereby appreciate the efforts of authorities of this ministry, especially Mr. Salehinia, the deputy ministry and CEO of small industries organization and industrial towns. The institution has provided good infrastructure that has been created with the money of the people to the technomart of Iran and is part of the results of today"s cooperation.

The vice president for science and technology affairs continued: a part of this growth is due to the change in culture and the kind of look we have at the whole ecosystem and the knowledge-based and technology companies.

The culture of supporting knowledge-based companies, young people in technology and knowledge-based ecosystem in the country is developing and influencing organizations and institutions. This difference in view of different governmental organizations can be understood by the way they interact with different members of the ecosystem.

In the end, Sattari pointed out support programs of the Vice-Presidency, expressing: in the future, support for technomarts will definitely increase, and for my part, I agree that public sector support for the network will increase, but it should be borne in mind that this cooperation should be aimed at reducing risk.

In the opening ceremony of the 13th national meeting of regional and specialized meeting of the country, 32 science-based investment contracts were unveiled with a value of more than 900 billion Rials. In this meeting, which was held in the building of the Vice-Presidency at 8:00 a.m. on November 30th, 2019, the necessity of cooperation and synergy among members and activists of the technomart of Iran was emphasized.

In addition, representatives from different provinces expressed their opinions and eight investment contracts were signed in the presence of investors and owners. Another part of the meeting was dedicated to regional technomart actions, which will continue until December 1st, 2019.

It is notable that the national technomart of Iran has been created with the issuance of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution and under the supervision of the Vice-Presidency with the responsibility of organizing public technomarts and creating specialized technomarts in prioritized fields of the country. To date, 20 regional technomarts have been created in 20 provinces of the country and two specialized technomarts have been established in the fields of gas and health industries. In addition, national meetings of technomarts are periodically held in line with increasing synergy between technomarts.