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“Games” Will Treat

“Games” Will Treat


The fifth international conference on computer games: challenges and opportunities will be held in January 2019 in University of Isfahan with a special view toward therapeutic games.

In its fifth round, the event is supported by the cognitive sciences and technologies development headquarter.

Psychological analysis, mental health promotion, media literacy, emotion modeling, computational intelligence approaches, the role of data mining and user behavior modeling, the philosophical approach to computer games, audience attraction, marketing and advertising, the role of computer games industry in business, economics and entrepreneurship, and modeling the development process are among the topics discussed at this scientific and specialized event.


In addition, aesthetic and art analysis, art principles in design and personalization, optimization of the art and technique of narrative and playwriting technique, serious games, investigating the role of computer games and new ideas in the family areas, treatment and promoting health and wellness, tourism industry development, treatment of physical disorders, cognitive rehabilitation, promotion of holy defense values, and promotion of religious and Quranic teachings will also be discussed in the conference.

The event will be held in University of Isfahan to have considerable development of well-trained educational, research and entrepreneurship infrastructures in this art-industry and media with the entertainment industry innovation center, the serious games lab, and the permanent secretariat of the conference conducting research related to this burgeoning, wealthy, and strategic industry.

The local computer game conference is dedicated to presenting new research in different areas of the field and pursues the boom of excellent computer games. However, this round mainly focuses on therapeutic games.

Attending this event will lead to familiarization with the latest technical achievements in the field and possibility of direct interaction with national and international researchers.

A report by the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs