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Holding the Second Round of International Waste Management Exhibition:

Gathering of activists in the field of “Dirty Gold Economy”

Gathering of activists in the field of “Dirty Gold Economy”


Urban waste management by automation of digital economy and processing has been turned into a sustainable revenue-generating source for cities. In this regard, the second round of international waste management exhibition will be held in Tehran.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, waste management due to the volume of waste production in metropolises is no longer possible in traditional ways and according to the usual methods. New techniques for waste collection and dissemination in the shadow of knowledge creation and reproduction can be established among knowledge-based professionals and companies. The digital economy and automation technologies development headquarter seeks to draw the attention of experts to the issues and problems in different and varied domains so that these activists can find a threat to the opportunity for those executive solutions based on higher-level documents.

In this regard, the second international exhibition of waste management, recycling, utilities, machinery and equipment will be held by the effort of Aftab International Exhibition Company and other related organizations in December. All creative youth and companies can present their ideas and products on the event.

Some of the goals of the exhibition include introducing and presenting domestic abilities in line with turning waste into consumable products, staunching the foreign currency drain, creating investment opportunities and exchanging technology with other participants, issuing technical services, and providing an opportunity for investment. The gathering will be held so that the decision makers and government officials, trustee, trade, research, scientific, and supply chain organizations exhibit the ability of different units and firms at the same time and place. By doing so, they can provide access to purposeful campaigns to form public thoughts and build the culture.